Monday, March 28, 2005

Colorsound Native American Crafts and Cultural Center (TM) (R)

The Colorsound Native American Crafts and Cultural Center is looking for anyone interested in Sponsoring us, and our educational efforts, to allow us to continue what we have done in the past with another organization, in a new setting. Or provide us with a more permanent location of our own with a free standing building on its own lot in New Hampshire.

What we are all about.

The Colorsound Native American Crafts and Cultural Center is a grassroots diverse group of both Native and Non-Native Americans who are interested in becoming involved with Native American cultures, traditions, history and heritage. We had a small museum set up, which we want to preserve, and want to see grow. Our organization is made up of primarily Native American men women and children from all over New Hampshire and some from Mid-Maine to Southern and Coastal Maine as well as other states here in New England.

We are organizing without any friction from expected loyalties or any controversy about which way is the right way. We have the ability because we are looking at the day to day lives of the past and present Native Americans and all that they are and can be. We can explore and divulge in such different regions of Native Americans and all their practices and life celebrations without any tensions because that is what we all get together to do. It is our sole purpose. We have chosen to stay out of the political arena and the legal arena and revel in the awesomeness of the Native American cultures and arts that are so unique to them. We are interested in learning of these things and carrying on the beauty of this aspect of their lives and ours.

Because New Hampshire has no identified Native American Peoples, or reservations, yet is home to many Native American peoples, (7,800 according to year 2000 Census records) it has always been difficult to organize in any way in this state around Native American issues or traditions. The fact that there are so many diverse Native American ways and they all come together in this state as a blend and therefore can not practice specific ways without tensions has put a huge damper on any of the groups getting very far in any area of Native organizing. There still exists great fear and many suspicions about what Natives can do and what their rights are in New Hampshire which causes rifts and turmoil and infighting. We have usurped all this by just focusing on the celebrations of Natives lives and the desires to learn the vastly different traditions.

We are an organized group of people of both Native and Non-Native Peoples in New Hampshire and in New England. We are open to all who wish to learn and carry on the Native American ways of the past into the future. Our volunteers, board members, and members come from all types of backgrounds, including members of the Native American Intertribal Council, walk-ins off the street, Former reporter for the Carroll County Independent Newspaper, Conway Daily Sun and Bow Times, Peoples from the North East Pow Wow circuits and the Red Road Native American Foundations.

Structure and Process:

Colorsound Native American Crafts and Cultural Center is a flegeling Native American Educational facility. We are the ones who find and invite the speakers, musicians, and introduce the meetings and teachings. We get large amounts of input from our meetings each month and the members that attend the annual Pow-Wows, the Intertribal Council, the Red Road Foundation and personal relationships with members and Native Americans as well as history readings and libraries. We want to make this process more easily accessible, formal and shared as we continue to grow.

We would eventually like to have our own building to have our events in. As well as we eventually would like to have committees that work on different aspects of our teachings and have them participate in the decision making process as well. For instance, we would like to have experts in bead making, or basketry teach their ways.

We want to grow and become more stable so that we can survive into the future and continue to bask in the Native American glory of our culture.

We meet eight times a year and accomplish a tremendous amount in that short period of time all as volunteers. We have Workshops at other times, not including our usual meeting times and we want to incorporate drum sessions, as well as other reading and research for kids and other cultural events.

We would eventually like to have at least one full time executive paid person to help us grow.

Colorsound Native American Crafts and Cultural Center would love to see American Indians in New Hampshire recognized for their beauty and cultural experiences to make Natives in New Hampshire finally identified and allow them the dignity we all deserve.

What we do:

We are here to bring together people from ALL Native American traditions, to teach and share information about a lot of the Native American Culture, Native American unity as well as Native American Awareness, and the Red Road. We will have many Native and non-Native guest speakers planned, talking circles as well as other events throughout the year. We have workshops readings and story time for schools, and other educational organizations, looking to understand about Native American heritage.

The Colorsound Native American Crafts and Cultural Center objectives are to promote Social change, Cultural Diversity, Solidarity, community outreach, social activities, and education as well as other opportunities in NH, Maine and many of the New England States.

These events are usually Free and Open to the Public. Unless it is a pre-paid workshop, that materials are needed for things, like a drum making class or Flute Making class. This is a very friendly and relaxed forum.

Everyone will be encouraged to bring something for the PotLuck Lunch. If you cannot bring anything just bring yourself and a comfortable chair. Each and every time we have a gathering it will be a different perspective from many different and enjoyable subjects.

The information we give out and the demonstrations we give are normally free and open to the public. All people are welcome, from all walks of life. Any Native American people or other people, who wishes to be involved with Native American culture, or to identify with traditions, and heritage and to pursue a deeper understanding of different Native American traditions as well as the Cultural heritage..

All donations are welcome. These events will be posted in the weekly/monthly Calendar section of the Carroll County Independent, Granite State News, the Bow Times, The Boston Globe, and the Conway Daily Sun newspapers, as well as some others not listed here in New Hampshire and Maine.

We would usually meet monthly, the Second Sunday of every month from 12 to 4:30. If there is a snow storm then we will meet the Next following Sunday.

We are a drug and alcohol free organization. We do not represent any one particular Native American Nation.

Again what we are looking for anyone interested in Sponsoring us, and our educational efforts, to allow us to continue what we do as an LLC or other fiscally organized organization, in a new setting or in a location you might want to donate, or we can use or somehow perhaps one day inexpensively buy.

We are respectfully seeking someone wanting to set up a piece of property for us to use or have, a trust fund or endowment for us, or some other type of fund for us to continue our programs.

If you are that person, organization, or group, please contact us by using the e-mail addresses we have listed

Native American Cultural Center's E-mail

White Feather's E-mail